Living Poetree Supports Art in the Community


Civic Engagement Art Car

A creative cross-county collaboration of art, poetry, and ideas between two Allegany County, NY Schools; Alfred-Almond Central School and Genesee Valley Central School. During Spring of 2019, Living Poetree worked with both school districts to create this one-of-a-kind interactive art piece. The hashtag, #AAGVARTCAR can be used to follow the car's journey.

Art: Painted by Kristin Buchholz's seventh-grade Genesee Valley art students.

Poetry: Over 400 ceramic words created by Amy Powers' students at Alfred-Almond Central School.

Community: "Civic Engagement" is the car's name, and Civic Engagement is the car's game! Contact us if you would like to have the art car visit and share art and poetry with your community group!

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Community Artwork is Important...

Just as trees are a part of the environment that surrounds them, so too are people. As Living Poetrees, we are affected by, and have an effect on, the people and the earth around us. By creating art that interacts with the community, we invite our neighbors to communicate with us and with each other. We show children that it is not only OK to try new things and to share their talents, but it is wonderful and important. By creating large-scale community art, holding classes and setting aside time for play, we show ourselves and each other the true meaning of creating art:

It's about the process, not just the product.