"Civic Engagement"


A creative cross-county collaboration of art, poetry, and ideas between two Allegany County, NY Schools; Alfred-Almond Central School and Genesee Valley Central School. During Spring of 2019, Living Poetree worked with both school districts to create this one-of-a-kind interactive art piece. The hashtag, #AAGVARTCAR can be used to follow the car's journey as it goes through it's environments. 

See the "Making of" video below that was used to advertise the Hot Dog Day unveiling. 

Art is visual poetry and poetry is verbal art.

Art: Painted by Kristin Buchholz's seventh-grade art students

Poetry: Over 400 ceramic words created by students at Alfred-Almond

Community: "Civic Engagement" is the car's name, and Civic Engagement is the car's game! This car will be on display and ready for you to create your poems at community events throughout the summer and fall of 2019. 

Check the events calendar below for upcoming showings!

The #AAGVARTCAR aka "Civic Engagement" is available for your event as an activity or a showpiece. Sand has been a speaker in classrooms, community events, and has led creativity classes for professionals who benefit from creativity lessons. 

Making of and Hot Dog Day Promo:

See the transformation from a standard four-door family sedan to a "Custom Honda Civic" Search #AAGVARTCAR on Facebook or Instagram to see pictures of the process, the journey, and find out where this collaborative art will go next!


Hornell Evening Tribune Article

Read all about #AAGVARTCAR's unveiling at Hot Dog Day 2019 in Alfred, NY​ in this article from the Hornell Evening Tribune!

Link to article.

"Sand's Art Car Featured in the Wellsville Daily Reporter after the first annual Makers on Main event for Alfred University's Alumni Weekend! Link to article.

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