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"Every Day in Every Way I Get Better and Better" 

French psychologist and pharmacist Émile Coué (1857-1926) coined this phrase for his patients to use as an auto-suggestion to help cure ailments. 

"My grandmother, Lulu, taught me to say this to myself in the mirror everyday after I came to live with her as a troubled teen. It has been very helpful in my life and has allowed me to not only believe in a positive future but to learn about forgiveness to myself and to others for not always being perfect." -Sand

The EDIEWIGBAB mirror project was Living Poetree's first public outreach. Sand was asked to speak to a group of young women at an empowerment retreat for Alfred State College. She wanted to share her grandmother's wisdom and realized that having a mirror for each of the women to look in would help to express her message more clearly.


So, she handmade over thirty mirrors sso that each of them would be able to look themselves in the eye and say, "Every Day in Every Way I Get Better and Better." In the gallery below, you can see the women posed in an E formation, each holding their mirror. They became the letter E for the EDIEWIGBAB  picture series.

Sand has continued to make these mirrors.

They are all unique and one of a kind, and like all of us, every day in every way they get better and better!

You can find them on the Art Page here at

Collaboration and Community

The #AAGVARTCAR has been an experiment in community collaboration. This car is the creation of two groups of students from different schools guided by their art teachers, poetry teachers, and Sand's art experiences as well. The car is now a community icon and can be found at local events and classrooms. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming event. Go to the ART CAR PAGE for more information, to book Sand as a speaker at your school or organization, or to just enjoy the gallery and the process of the creation of the art car and the interaction of the community!

Civic Engagement Art Car

Community Artwork is Important...

Just as trees are a part of the environment that surrounds them, so too are people. As Living Poetrees, we are affected by, and have an effect on, the people and the earth around us. By creating art that interacts with the community, we invite our neighbors to communicate with us and with each other. We show children that it is not only OK to try new things and to share their talents, but it is wonderful and important. By creating large-scale community art, holding classes and setting aside time for play, we show ourselves and each other the true meaning of creating art:

It's about the process, not just the product. 

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