Douglas Sciorra: What Is Reality

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Imagine layers of reality, subconscious, dream-worlds, space, and even the history of earth, as fabric squares stacked together in preparation for quilting, Now, imagine a thread woven in and through them all, pulling them together and connecting them so they are one intertwined piece of existence. Doug Sciorra is that thread. He weaves together a patchwork of family, community, art, hard work, and altered consciousness.

Piercing the Veil by D. Sciorra

Doug's art portrays the softness of humanity, the wonder of nature, and the psychedelic meanderings of the subconscious.

Doug's Art page, Ecollection Arts, by D. Sciorra describes his art as," Paintings drawings and photos meant to inspire conversations about life, art, and philosophy. " When I interviewed Doug, conversations about life, art, and philosophy were easy to come by. While I was prepared to ask questions about his life, inspirations, and specific art pieces, our interview quickly went down the rabbit hole; discussions turned to dinosaurs, Santa Claus, and the plausibility of reality. Like Doug's art, his conversation has many layers and unexpected twists.

Conscienca Ex Machina: Lost at Astral Sea

Doug's art will soon be featured as the album cover for Conscienca Ex Machina: Lost at Astral Sea by Canadian artist, Alec Nepute. You can pre-purchase this album here.

For the next few weeks, you can see Doug's artwork in person at his show in Hornell, NY. He is the Hornell Area Arts Council "Artist of the Month" at Steuben Trust's Bank Gallery in their Hornell branch.

Doug Sciorra: Artist and Contemplater

Find Doug online:

Doug carries a balance between ideas and worlds, and accomplishes what many dreamers wish they could; connecting the world we are in to one we might imagine or didn’t realize existed. His art adds a question mark to the word reality, and gives the viewer something to think about; a reflection of their own thoughts and experiences decorated with new ideas, possibilities, and dimensions.

Do other dimensions exist? I say yes, I have seen them in Doug's art. Doug is a Living Poetree.

Learned from Doug:

Coincidentia Oppositorum: the unity of opposites

You can't have light without dark.

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