Living Poetree: Judy B. Cramer

Judy B. Cramer is Living Poetree. Her work has been evolving and growing with her and through her since she was a child.

Her artistic roots grow across the southern tier of New York. For over 25 years she has lived in artistic places like Ithaca, Owego, Candor, and Alfred NY; gathering inspiration from these communities as she weaved her own artistic passion and caring persona back into their fibers.

Her work takes on many forms and she uses many different mediums to express her creative spirit. Her watercolor paintings are vivid and inviting, bringing forth a sense of natural magic and allowing the viewer to be immersed in the movement of the flowers, designs, and colors. Her black and white drawings tell miniature stories that allow the viewers’ shoulders to relax as the corners of their mouths turn upward into smiles. You can see her peaceful spirit radiate through her work.

Judy plans to use these black and white drawings to create a Tarot Deck for use in her practice, and available for others’ practices as well. Judy is a Third-Degree High Priestess with the Moonlight Labyrinth from Ithaca, ordained in Rochester, NY with the Sisters of Medusa. She has been going to Lily Dale Assembly, the Center for the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism, since she was a child. It was at Lily Dale that she spent time with Tibetan monks and watched them make their sand mandalas. She found these mandalas to be cleansing and guiding toward new artistic abilities, so she spent the next several years after she moved to Hornell creating her own. This allowed her to grow past some personal traumas she had faced, including a terrible car accident, two eye surgeries, and difficult relationships.

She has found that creating art not only facilitates her own healing, but brings joy and growth to others. Along with her degree in psychology, Judy has been able to use her creativity and compassion to teach art to others. She has worked with people recovering from trauma and sickness, and has helped them discover and uncover new abilities and modes of expression. Judy’s growth through art has allowed her to create a life of beauty and authenticity for herself and others.

Judy is Living Poetree. Follow her journey at:

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