Land And Sea

Updated: May 2, 2019

A dreamy beach with a large rock formation and low tide
Photo by Randall Robbers, Fort Bragg, CA

I gaze across the land-locked fields -my mind takes me to the sea.

The cows replaced with sea lions perched on rocks in memories.

The far-off hills are ocean swells- they carry crashing waves ashore;

As the thundering sound of trucks roll by and become the ocean’s roar.

I see the forest tall and proud- a marina full of masts.

I must reel it in- my heart adrift- as I sink into the past.

I look across the land-locked field; the horizon kissing sun;

The reflection on the water stings; this memory is done.

My heart lets go to love it here; my feet step from wet sand.

The tide goes out and takes with it the beach on which I stand.

Cassandra Robbers 2018

Published in Ergo Magazine Spring 2019