A moment of silence for those we lost; Interrupted with news of my broken exhaust. As I sit here waiting while they fix my car the year 2001 seems very far.

That morning our world disappeared and was gone, We all held our breath- Then had to move on.

Hashtag Never Forget. We never will. Hashtag Never Forget. Thousands were killed. Hashtag Never Forget. Why we went to war. Hashtag Never Forget. It's happened before.

And now, We've surrendered our freedom to #neverforget We've mortgaged our children to #neverforget We sent more to die to #neverforget I just want to cry- Wish I could forget.

-But I can't, so I sit and silently pray-

...My car will be "fixed sometime today."

The waiting room faces come back into view, The auto mechanics have things to do. For life to move forward we pretend to forget. We can't change the past, just reflect and regret. But the future is open, it'll be better yet, If we love one another as we #neverforget

Cassandra Robbers Written 09/11/2015