Wellsville, NY: A Fine Place

Updated: May 29, 2019

(This is a borrowed and updated post from Sand's previous blog originally written 11/11/2018)

In January of 2001, my family and I decided to embark on a cross-country journey to a new place. We were unsure of where we wanted to go, but started some research online. Through this research,  I learned about many different towns and villages across the Southern Tier, and up into the North Country of NY. We were intrigued, and made the commitment to start a new life in the Southern Tier of NY.

Wellsville, NY on a Crisp Fall Afternoon

The beautiful architecture and and unique offerings of each town called to me. From Jamestown to Alexandria Bay, Lake Placid and all the way down to NYC, there are amazing little hamlets and villages overflowing with hidden treasures of beauty and amazing works of art; both new and old.

Wellsville, NY is one of those small towns. Tucked away just enough, It feels like a personal discovery when you find yourself there. On Main Street, you will find several shops and restaurants, and lots of public art; which I think makes any place even better.

Join me on a picture journey of a walk around Wellsville, NY:

A Historic Train Depot Sleeps Behind Main Street

This old depot has seen better days, but standing before it, you can close your eyes and almost hear the whistle of the train.

Lions Club Historic Marker about the Erie Railroad

A Beautiful Artistic Mosaic Tile Representation of the Allegany Region of New York.

There are art installations like this throughout the city, and a new project called the Fassett Greenspace Project which features an interactive outdoor park in which community members can play instruments, socialize, and be inspired.

The Wellsville Creative Arts Center and Little Gem Artisan Store are located in the center of downtown. They are surrounded by bustling activity, places to eat, boutiques such as New Vogue and Trend Addictions, a locally-owned pharmacy and gift shop, and a new pub, The Wellsville Brewing Company!

Even though I get homesick for the west coast during the cold winters, I am very glad that I was able to raise my family in a wonderful region of NY. The people here are kind and welcoming, there is beautiful scenery everywhere you look, and there is a culture of art and music that offers creative people an outlet for their work, and endless inspiration to create it. Wellsville, NY is Living Poetry.

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