Wonderful Weirdo

Updated: May 5, 2019

90's teenager with pipe-cleaner glasses, cardigan, and rayon floral dress
Sand, the Wonderful Weirdo -1992

You must be like one of us To be one of us- But you can't, You are weird.

You don't shave your legs; Your jeans have no tag- Of course not, You are weird.

When you aren't one of us You can't be one of us; Shaved, labeled or tagged. You were born one of them You'll be one of them; We figured you out; We got you pegged.

We put you in a box; Labeled it weird. We take it out when we need a boost. But secretly we know, How amazing you will grow.

The box can't hold you; You'll break loose.

You aren't like one of us- You are special and free. You are lucky- You are weird. You can't be one of us- You are kind and happy. You can be- You are weird.

You were graceful and kind To us, friends untrue. Please let us know- How can we be like you?

By Cassandra Robbers 2017