Lifetime of Art

Funky star painted car and hippie artist

Blazing through life like a comet, Cassandra (Sand) Robbers is a Living Poetree. But once, she was a girl growing up in Coastal California. Toes in the sand, head in the clouds, inspired by the designs of palm trees and the smell of salt air.

For over 20 years Sand has been creating art through fabric, words, and painting. Her former brands, Funkensteins and Casey Was Here, reached to the four corners of Earth with one-of-a-kind creations through direct online sales, and locally; at gift shops, galleries, and art festivals.

Living Poetree is an expression of Sand following the instructions from the universe. Listening to her heart, as the wind whispers in her ear, she is taking a leap of faith into a sea of color. 

"A tree stands tall, arms outstretched; entrusting the world with its safety.

Each scar of winter and new leaf of spring equally on display."